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The revolution of card gaming

Kardomance is a free to play collectible card game with fantastic gameplay features.

Collect & trade cards, build your deck and crush your opponents.

Unique and fun gameplay

Kardomance sticks to the formula, “easy to learn, hard to master”.

Each game is unique, you need to constantly adapt to what your opponent have in play to win.

Perform awesome combos

The talents system allow much more combos than other card games

Choose powerfull talents

This is our killer feature: unlock new class talents at turns 3, 6 and 9

Lead your path to victory

Master the game and crush your opponents

Fantastic features

Play for free

You need 0$ to play Kardomance

Earn rewards

Play to earn rewards in the form of cards

Complete daily challenge

Each day is a new day, come back each day to complete new quests

Climb the ranks

Play in competitive mode and climb the ladder

Earn cards

In Kardomance, you really own your cards and you are free to trade them as you want.

4 game modes

Enjoy our different game modes (Ranked, Arena, Constructed, F2P events)

Partners & investors

Earn rewards by playing

In Kardomance, you can earn cards by playing in competitive modes and by completing daily quests.

Anatomy of a card


  • Card name: the name of the card
  • Card rarity: this reflects the supply of a card, a common card exists in 10.000 copies, while a legendary card exists only in 1.000 copies
  • Card border: a border can be made of iron, emerald, gold or diamond
  • Mana cost: the mana you need to pay in order to play this card
  • Attack: the damage dealt by this card
  • Health points: the damage this card can take before being destroyed
  • Tribe: the tribe of the card

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kardomance is a blockchain-based card game, in which you can collect & trade cards of different rarities, build your deck and crush your opponent.

The game offers a unique gameplay, inspired by Magic The Gathering and HearthStone but incorporating greater replayability, in Kardomance every game is unique thanks to an innovative build system.

The NFT technology allow a more player-friendly economy by allowing players to own their virtual assets and trade them on secondary markets.

It also brings us closer to the paper card games in which collecting and trading card was part of the fun.

The beta version will launch in December 2022.

Our main goal was to make each game unique.

To achieve that, we’ve implemented several gameplay innovation:

  • The battleground is splitted in 2 parts. At the start of each game, two bonuses are chosen by players, each bonus is applied to one side of the battleground (example of a bonus: “creatures on this lane have +1 atk”). Some card effects apply to both side, and other card effects can apply to one side only.
  • Evolutive abilities: heroes you play in Kardomance, own unique abilities which evolve during the game in the form of a skill tree. To win, you need to choose the right abilities regarding the situation and the opponent you face.

On one side we have the rarity of the card (common, rare, epic, legendary), which reflects its power and determines its supply, on the other side, we have special rarity attributes: the border, special effects on the card or variations in the illustration, it is completely random and could influence the value of a card.

We’ve imagined a dark fantasy universe for the game, with his own places and unique characters.

To be precise, it takes place in the fantasy world of Ama Luria, a hostile world formerly populated by giants.

Our universe will take an important place in the game, we really want players to be able to identify with the characters of the lore. We also planned a book of short stories and a short film for 2023.

Sure, we stick to the “easy to learn, hard to master formula”.

Everyone could have fun playing our game and we like to define our complexity level somewhere between hearthstone and magic the gathering.

Yes, free play to play players will have the possibility to earn rewards distributed through daily quests, game events and the ranked mode that are accessible to players whether they’re paid player or not.

We have 3 priorities right now:

  • Maintaining the community engaged
  • Raise funds to structurate the team
  • Focus on the dev of the game and playtesting deck archetypes

Totally, we already started the playtesting session on our second game that will be an 8-players competitive deckbuilding game that will also be accessible in free to play.

Kardomance is a perfect game for eSport, we already planned tournaments and special events for guilds at the launch of the game.

The main difference is our focus on the gameplay part and not only on the economy.

We want people to play the game for the fun not to expect a salary.

We can also talk about the art, we work with artists who’ve worked on famous fantasy licenses as Magic, Gwent, Warhammer and people can feel that through our art.

We will launch first on PC in 2022, we expect a mobile version for 2023

We have a basic set of 125 cards that will be directly accessible to the player at the creation of his account and by leveling up on the game, the other cards will be accessible via the weekly rewards and via the purchase of boosters